Administration and the Government are the top tier systems of the server that run all services in the city. Along with complete control of the city, the rules of the government are enforced everywhere in the city. Administrators are always online to enforce these rules.


To be an administrator, a player must apply to become one. The player can be any rank, including commoners. The application is sent to the government, who reviews it and deems whether the applicant is sufficient or not. Once admitted, an administrator can go online and roam the server to help other players. At least one admin is on at a single time, if not more. They are also given higher privileges, such as flying. Admins also check that the city is clean and in good standing. If an admin sees a crime commited by a player, then they must submit a claim to the government for punishment. If an admin witnesses a crime and does not submit a claim, they will be fired and demoted to their original rank and cannot reapply for the administration again. Those who want to be a part of the government must complete a set number of hours as an admin to be eligible.


In order to be a part of the government, a player must complete a set number of hours as an administrator as a part of the application. The applicant must also be recommended by a current government official. To be a government official is far more difficult than being anything else, as it requires much more skill and honor. Officials must remain loyal to the government, or they could be harshly punished. Most information about what goverment officials do is confidential.

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