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The newly completed stadium.

The Memorial Baseball Stadium is a newly-completed baseball park in downtown NewCraft City. The MBS is the primary baseball field in the city, seating well over a thousand players. During the day, the field can be rented out to teams who want to play exhibition games or practice. At night, the baseball teams of the city gather and play games that many players attend.


Remarkably, the entire baseball field began and finished construction on June 22, 2014. In the morning, bleachers were constructed and lights were installed. The outfield wall was also completed. Towards the end of the day, dirt was filled in and the dugouts were built. Lights in the infield for night games were also installed.

Renting the fieldEdit

There are staff at the field who are available to speak with to rent the field. They will book you the field for an entire day for free. As soon as the field is rented, the teams are liable for any damage or changes made to the stadium, field, and dugouts. Typically, arriving same-day is not possible, as the fields are booked for a few days before an open slot. Be sure to reserve ahead of time. The teams are also responsible for making sure citizens are aware of an upcoming or ongoing game so that people will attend the game. Citizens may also attend a practice.

Make sure all players have Sports Mod installed, or you won't all be able to play the game. This mod allows you to have the baseball, gloves, and bats. It is also suggested to have the mod when spectating so one may see the action.

Amenities Edit

The amenities installed in the stadium can be used by both spectators and renters. In the main concourse is a concessions stand that sells food and water. Dugouts are also provided for each team; the blue dugout is for the home team, and the red dugout is for the visitors. For night games, there are lights on and off the field that allow players to see.

Watching the Game Edit

Tickets for the games vary depending on the teams, the importance of the game, and availability of tickets. Tickets can be bought at the booth in front of the entrance. The tickets, or "keycards," are required for access to any of the sections. Anyone without a ticket is allowed in the concourse, but not in the bleachers. Players attending the game can leave at any time they like, but are not allowed back in as they must return their keycards after exiting.

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