Work and Labor in Freeman City is a prestigious task that few players share. In order to become an official, administrator, representative, or executive, the player must work to achieve his or her positioning. While not required, it gives access to far more of the server to a player, whether an executive or a simple miner in a mineshaft. Those who choose not to work are not obligated to do so, but will not have access to the transportation systems, buildings, or the Capitol.

Obligation to ServeEdit

When a player commits to work, they are committing to any hours of labor specified by the administrator of higher rank. These hours are specified by a single administrator, and vary depending on the position, and field of work. Typically, since Minecraft is a virtual world and not of reality, hours are very lenient and most administrators require only a day or two of a shift in a week. With the high demand of players waiting for a position, an absence is quickly filled for a temporary time.

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